Are you recovering from cancer or suffering from chronic disease?

Are you experiencing fatigue, brain fog, and excess weight around the middle?

Are you seeking to get to the root cause of your health challenges?

Are you looking to healthfully transition to a plant-based diet?

Are you confused by all the conflicting information about health?

If healing doesn't occur at the root of the problem, you'll be stuck in the never-ending cycle of symptom management and unlikely to achieve the vibrant health that you deserve.

“True vitality is being the best version of yourself by achieving your optimal health.” ~ Alma H.


Transpersonal Energy Healing and Reiki

Alma believes in the amazing healing potential of the human body and she is passionate about teaching people how to ignite their own inner healer. When your mind, body and spirit are in harmony, you will naturally attain a healthy weight, vitality, joy and inner peace. Alma incorporates various healing modalities to guide you, so that you can look and feel your best - not just to merely survive, but to THRIVE.



Alma supports individuals in rebuilding their immune systems and reclaiming their lives after recovering from cancer treatment and chronic illnesses. Her other specialties include digestion, insulin resistance, adrenal dysfunction, detox and weight loss. Alma aims to help individuals uncover their own healing potential by optimizing nutrition, effective detoxification programs, mind-body awareness, and stress reduction through radical self-care. 


Alma can help you get the results you want:

Increased vitality

More energy

Restful sleep

Clear thinking

Weight loss

Improved digestion and elimination

Balanced blood sugar levels

Clear sense of purpose and meaning

Effectively coping with stress

Alma has demonstrated to me an intelligent, informed and passionate approach toward leading a healthy and energetic lifestyle. I have found that her advice has changed my life and dramatically improved my general health. Specifically, I’ve observed amazing results in improved energy levels, faster healing from recent cancer surgery and my overall well-being. I would recommend Alma for her deep knowledge and because she listens and is easy to talk to and understand. Most importantly, if you’re looking for a professional who genuinely cares about helping you achieve your personal health goals and realize measurable positive results, meet with her. You will be amazed!
— Ivan L.